Kaaitheater is a major performing arts house (theatre, dance, performance, music theatre) in Europe that, as one of the central actors, operates within an extensive network of European theaters and festivals. Kaaitheater searches with artists for exchanges with other social sectors: alliances with scientists and philosophers, social workers and teachers, ecologists and development collaborators. Alliances that are no longer limited to talks, but result in the establishment of joint practices, in the discovery of artistic forms to clarify societal debates. The coupling of the local with the global is a ‘reflex’ that is ingrained in the operation. The location of the Kaaitheater in the heart of Brussels, Belgium and Europe makes it an ideal place for artistic project with local artists alongside international artists that are aiming at both a local and international audience. Each season the Kaaitheater announces more than 70 productions by performers and groups from some 20 countries.