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“The Palm of Your Hand #2” by Vera Tussing Projects (08/03/2017)

08.03.2017 @ 19:00 - 19:50

VeraTussing_ThePalmOfYourHand2_0171k(c)AlessandraRocchettiThe Palm of Your Hand is a dance that takes place in the active, engaged, tactile negotiation between performer and audience – in their tacit agreement and understanding. Arranged in their ellipse, the audience themselves form the bounds of the theatrical space. The fourth wall becomes the skin. This is a journey that, by definition, performer and audience discover and create together.

The very homogeneous and organic choreographic works of Londoner Vera Tussing are an invitation to joint engagement and reflection.

With The Palm of Your Hand, a work dating from 2015, the choreographer continues in a vein she began exploring many years earlier centred around the question of movement and tactility. Dancers and audience share an elliptical space, a half-moon, with the people around the performers embodying the limits of the theatrical space, their skin forming a fourth wall. For tactility in the choreographer’s work is not an empty word, but a social act that comes into play, for example in the simple act of shaking hands. The simplicity of the relationship manifests itself in more classical choreographic motifs, the layout of the ellipsis creating a dynamic between the centre and the periphery, intimacy and distance, nearness and distance. This distance between dancer and spectator ends up disappearing, the latter being invited to take part, discovering and shaping the space homogeneously. It’s like a beautiful conversation between friends, skilfully and delicately balanced between listening and speaking, without one position winning out over the other.

There will be a touch tour happening, 30 min prior to the start of the show. The performance is addressing seeing, visually impaired and blind people alike.

Duration: 50 min + 30 min touch tour


Direction: Vera Tussing
Recreation Team: Solene Weinachter, Vera Tussing, Zoltan Vakulya, Gorka Gurrutxaga Arruti, Wei Wei Lee
Research/ Creation Performer Team: Ben McEwen, Erik Nevin, Meri Pajunpää, Camille Prieux, Solene Weinachter, Vera Tussing, Zoltan Vakulya, Esse Vanderbruggen
Contextual Research/ Dramaturgical advice: Lucie Beauvert, Michael Picknett, JS Rafaeli, Alexander Vantournhout
Sound/Video/Photography during Research: Emanuele Costantini, Alessandra Rocchetti, Benjamin Sommabère, Zoilly Molnar, Vinicius Salles
Design research in collaboration with Lucie Beauvert

Thanks to: Kate Goodwin and The Royal Academy of Arts & The Work Place at The Place

Co-produced by STUK Leuven
Research Supported: using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England. Commissioned by The Place with additional support from Klein Verzet, Dance East, Pavilion Dance South West and Royal Academy
Residencies: STUK Leuven, WILD CARD RESIDENCY, Ultima Vez & CND Montpellier
The Place ( London), workspacebrussels, PianoFabriek Brussels, BUDA Kortrijk, Graner Barcelona, Kaai Studios

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.


A graduate of the London Contemporary Dance School, choreographer and performer Vera Tussing leads a European-wide career accompanied by The Royal Opera House and The Place in the United Kingdom, as well as the STUK Art Center in Leuven and the Monty in Antwerp, among others. In 2007, she began collaborating with Albert Quesada and together they created Trilogy, three experimental pieces investigating the listening experience through an exploration of very different types of music. That gave rise to an exploration of movement as an auditory experience, exemplified by works like The Icarus Project and You Ain’t Heard Nothing Yet. Since 2014, Vera Tussing has been working on a new project, T-Dance, which brings together the main themes of her work, of which The Palm of Your Hand is a major opus.


19:00 - 19:50
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CND Paris


CND Paris
1 Rue Victor Hugo
93500 Pantin, France
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