Wiener Tanzwochen (Vienna, Austria), Kaaitheater (Brussels, Belgium), Centre National de la Danse (Paris, France) and The Place (London, UK) will work together to develop a new audience for contemporary dance performance amongst blind/partially-sighted people by creating and touring dance works made specifically to include that community as spectators and participants.

We are aiming for a step-change in the way artist and dance organisations create work with an awareness of this audience. Our arts organisations will thus be better equipped as cultural businesses to connect with these citizens and the networks that support them. Through our status amongst European art networks we will be able to share both the developed artworks and our learning easily across the EU, providing a model for best practice and a pathway to sustain engagement with this underrepresented audience.

To do so, the work program will consist of:

  • workshops, labs and symposia to research and develop the program with experts, artists and blind/partially-sighted people in Paris, London, Brussels and Vienna
  • training and education of audio describers as well as hosts to implement the program in different languages
  • taking an existing touring dance work and develop an innovative contextual programme to surround it that will elevate its accessibility and deepen the understanding of both blind/partially-sighted as well as sighted audiences
  • working with 3 established international choreographers to create and tour new contemporary dance performances. Developed through residencies within communities of partner cities, this will specifically address equality of access in the very nature of the performance as well as through a bespoke, innovative contextual programme that surrounds it
  • presenting and touring the performances, the technical equipment and the programs across Europe
  • improving the network and partnership
  • evaluating the project and publish the results

Workshop “The face looks” – Camping 2017 (FR)

26.06 - 30.06
CND Paris // 93500 Pantin
Following on from his most recent creation, L’œil la bouche et le reste, Volmir Cordeiro explores the subject of the face by examining the gaze, speech and the face-to-face. Expressing feelings, speaking, presenting yourself, envisaging a collective future through the eyes. By seeing the face as the social aspect of the self, the workshop will explore the face’s activity and receptiveness, focusing on the eyes and mouth, but also on the cheeks, ears and nose. Participants will examine the emotions and their externalisation, self-control, display and concealment in this exploration of behaviour and the expressiveness and stimulation of the gaze.

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Preview: triple bill at ImPulsTanz (AT)

23.07 - 02.08
Vienna //
In the course of the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival, the three performances created in the course of the project THE HUMANE BODY will be presented, followed by a symposium. The dates mentioned indicates the probable timeframe. The exact dates will be published at the beginning of June the latest.

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“Blind Spot” by Anne Juren (AT)

28.07 @ 20:00 - 28.08 @ 21:00
Vienna //
Anne Juren © Karolina Miernik How can a choreography be conveyed through kinesthetic sensation only? With Blind Spot Anne Juren creates a choreography of your organs and body-functions. While the audience will be lying on mats with their eyes closed, Juren provides a setting open for everybody: a guiding voice and sounds will invite on a trip through body and mind. In the research phase the French choreographer will work with partially sighted and blind people in several private choreographic sessions, relating to the notion of blind spot and the premise that the body is a fiction and does not "exist". Their experiences will influence Juren's "choreography inside the body".

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Vienna //
Embedded in the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival the project will introduce the results of 1 year THB and give an outlook on the project's future in a 2-day symposium. Next to the artists involved in the project – Volmir Cordeiro, Anne Juren, Vera Tussing – representatives of the project partners, audio describers, reference group members and further experts will be part of the panel. The detailed list of names and the exact venue will be published by 1 June 2017.

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Wiener Tanzwochen

Each year, the association Wiener Tanzwochen (WTW) organizes ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Contemporary Dance festival.

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The Place

Contemporary Dance Trust (The Place) is the UK’s premier contemporary dance centre, based in London.

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Kaaitheater is a major performing arts house (theatre, dance, performance, music theatre) in Brussels that, as one of the central actors, operates within an extensive network of European theaters and festivals.

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CND Paris

The Centre national de la danse (CND), founded in 1998, is situated in Pantin on the outskirts of Paris.

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